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Sonny's Gentlemen's Club

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Chandler, AZ
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Mon - Sun: 11am - 2am


Sun - Weds: $10
Thurs - Sat: $12


Full Bar

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I would like to inform any woman that is considering dancing at Sonny's Gentleman's Club in Chandler Az, of the unreasonable "tip-outs" that are required by managment. I recently made the poor decision to drive 15 miles to this establishment and work as an entertainer because of the great customer reviews and good reputation the club holds. In my first week I made reasonably decent money considering it was during the slow season. I did not have high expectations of making a fortune when I started knowing that during the summer buisness does slow down. I liked that the club promotes VIP and I did 2 VIP shows that first week. The first day I worked and did a VIP show I made around $300 for a 6 hour shift. I started the shift at 2:30pm that day. After tipping out the day doorman $8, the 2 night doormen $15, 10% w/ a $10 minimum to the day dj, the same for the night dj, and $25 dollars to the "house" I left at 8:30pm with around $205. The second day I worked and did a VIP it was the same tip out, but because I started at 3:00pm I paid a $35 house fee and I left at 8:15pm and had to tip out the night dj for the 15 minutes I stayed after shift change. I left that night woth under $150. The rest of the week was painfully slow with maybe 10 customers the entire shift and at least 6 girls to compete with. The management is not forgiving when it comes to paying the house fee and I often paid out of my own pocket to satisfy all of the employees. If you are not established at Sonny's I recommend that consider working at a different club.



Sexy dancers of all ethnicities, great staff and decently priced drinks. The girls are sweet and extremely outgoing compared to your typical phx club. Couple friendly and great for groups. There are new owners and if you've never been, or it has been awhile I would highly recommend checking it out. Cover is definitely worth it on weekend nights!



There are some serious bodies in this club. For a club in Chandler, I was really surprised by how attractive most of the girls were. It’s a little pricier than a dive club, but not as expensive as a high end place. The girls were friendly and I bought a couple of $10 dances from a blonde with big breasts. Well worth it.